CUEL Work on Water

CUEL examines the diversion of fishery-sustaining rivers and the pumping of groundwater aquifers to meet water demand, the ecological damage to urban creeks and rivers from channelization, and the discharge of polluted stormwater into urban waterways. This work includes publication of the proceedings of the 2011 and 2015 California Water Law Symposiums (held at GGU School of Law) and publication of the 2018 guidebook Rivers That Depend on Aquifers: Drafting SGMA Groundwater Plans with Fisheries in Mind.


+ Rivertown: Rethinking Urban Rivers
+ The Public Trust Navigates the Bay Delta
+ 2011 California Water Law Symposium Proceedings
+ July 2014 CUEL BDCP Comment Letter
+ Reasonable Use Law In the Field and In the Stream
+ California Rushes In: Keeping Water Instream for Fisheries Without Federal Law
+ 2015 California Water Law Symposium Proceedings